the quality of software is measurable!

Our Services

We develop software for Desktop, Mobile Devices and Embedded systems.

Test, Validation

Extensive experience in managing testing activities, validating software products, code reviewing, unit test and function test, creating test cases, test automation, static code analysis and test reports based on coding standards for safety critical systems such as MISRA C/C++.

Embedded Systems

Developing software for embedded system and real time operating systems like QNX, Linux, Nucleus RTOS. Development of SW-Driver for industrial peripheral devices such as power ink-jet printer, plotter, medical devices, surveillance camera.


We are actively working towards the establishment of ISO/IEC Standard 10646 (Unicode ™), which is the basis for a successful internationalization of software. With our product SC UniPad we support developers all over the world in the internationalization of systems.


Developing applications for Win, OSX, xNIX, iOS, Android using C/Object-C/C++/Java, Writing backend systems with object-oriented languages such as Jsp/PHP/Python/Node.js. Integrating 3rd party API's (REST, JSONP). Designing systems that involve Big Data (Sql, NoSql).

About Us

We believe that the quality of software is measurable.

fast: short load times and execution even on systems of low performance.

slim: low resources usage, effective modularization.

stable: Clear and maintainable source code. Less dependency to software modules. Maintenance free and less tech support, installable even without setup routines and self-administrating.

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We bring a personal and effective approach to every project we work on.

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Glendale, Southern California, USA

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